Saturday, September 12, 2009

She's a Mormon!

I think all of us bloggers can agree that it would be pretty kick ass to have a ton of people following our blog. Though that may not be the reason behind blogging (for some of us) or the impetus to begin a blog initially, if we don't harbor a secret desire for internet blogging fame, we at least would like to think that we aren't talking to ourselves in our own little corner of the internet. After all, talking to oneself is a sign of schizophrenia, is it not?

Why blog if you have no desire for others to hear you? Write in a damn journal. Or for those of you who like to use the fact that you'd rather type as an excuse for blogging, you could easily have a word doc. journal.
No, we blog because we have something to say. Out loud, to the world, and hopefully a handful of them pay attention.

< /prologue>

When I decided to start a blog again (I've been inconsistently blogging for 10 years) it had been a while since I had last expressed my ideas on the internets and I was completely new to Blogger. I took a look around this vast internet community that is Blogger and found some great blogs out there. Not surprisingly, I was not alone in enjoying these blogs and they had a fare amount of "followers".
Following the trail of highly read blogs I came across one that baffled me completely. This blog had nearly 2,000 followers. I figured it must be a great read so I sifted through it, reading short entry after boring entry, filled with mediocre photos of the blogger and his/her partner doing everyday things. I just couldn't see what it was that was so attractive to other people about this blog. It just seemed self indulgent and very hipster. Most photos were taken with a Holga and there was an awful lot of plaid being worn and no shortage of over-sized glasses that were undoubtedly non-prescription.

Maybe I'm just an asshole (it's likely) but it just looked to me like someone being "cool" on the internet and everybody else was buying it.

And then I read some of the comments and noticed a few people talking about, "the church" and Jesus, etc.. So I took a second look at the blog and saw a tiny ad for the Church of Latter day Saints.
And now it makes perfect sense. And the greatest part of understanding is no longer having to read that blog.

(click here if you don't quite understand that last line)


  1. damnit. i know exactly what blog you're talking about and i admit to having a weird sort of crush on it.
    can we still be friends?

  2. No, I'm sorry I'm finished with you. It was good while it lasted but who were we kidding, really. It never would have worked.
    Do take care!

    I was afraid that it might be easy to put together who I was talking about.
    I hope I'm not an asshole.