Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fear of Clowns

I have had a fear of clowns since I can remember. It's not very rational and it didn't help matters to find out that John Wayne Gacy (serial murderer) was a clown. I use the fact that I am not alone in this fear to justify it, when really, those nuts who still believe Elvis to be alive are not alone either, so...

This is part of my attempt to get over my fear of clowns.

This is a 5x7 mixed media diorama of sorts. The swinging clown is from an original photo of mine, as is the backdrop. The flowers are drawn in calligraphy ink by me, and the little boy comes from an old black and white photo I found at a garage sale. The picture frame came from a garag sale as well.


  1. um, i sort of love it, but i also hate clowns so would never be able to look at it for very long. i also hate puppets and claymation. although my daughter is getting me used to puppets, enamored as she is with yo gabba gabba.

  2. This is awesome. But make sure when you have kids they don't see it til they are much older cuz it's not likley to help them avoid winding up with the same fear (I'm peronsally not so much afraid of clowns as I am angered by them - they are not funny, they are creepy, and they should no better than to dick around with children).

    Also, apparently you were right. kanye is an asshole. You called it.