Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm Alexsandria. I live in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. I live in a historic building, built in the 20s by Charlie Chaplin. Legend has it that Buster Keaton lived in my apartment. I have yet to see a ghost but occasionally my dog will stare at a specific spot with a very concerned and nervous look on her face; always the same spot. Maybe ol' Buster is teasing her? My upstairs neighbor insists that Clark Gable haunts her place, along with a barrage of Rudolph Valentino's dead mistresses. o_O
Anyway, to the right is a photo of "The Village", which is what we tenants (also known as Villagers) of this old building like to call it.

I am primarily a floral designer. I have a passion for flowers and plants and everything growing. I'm known among other L.A. designers as being meticulous about my placement of my flowers in each arrangement. I believe this is a good thing to be known for.
Here's an arrangement of orange ranunculus, lemons, sweetpeas, daffodils, and mini calla lilies.You can see more of my designs at

Recently I have been rediscovering myself as more than just a floral designer. I am an artist in many ways and this blog is to serve as a chronicling of that rediscovery.

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  1. okay, i'm sort of in awe of you.
    i am HORRIBLE with flowers, you live in a way cooler building than i do (me being on the other side of the hill and all!) and you might have ghosts???
    i just have a really loud cat that constantly wakes up the baby.