Monday, April 27, 2009

Only in L.A.

Hello everyone!
It feels quite odd to say hello "everyone" as I have absolutely no indication that there is even an "anyone" out there reading this thing. Don't get me wrong, I realize that this is only my first day blogging and I do not expect anybody to really be listening yet.

I want to start a series of photos chronicling all the oddities that are daily life in this strange city of angels. So far I have three which I would like to share with you today. Now, I hope you will pardon me for not being one of those super cool bloggers who always seems to have a ridiculously awesome camera on them at all times in order to catch those tiny instances that are just perfect for posting to their super artsy blog. Ahem.
No, usually I have but my phone on me, with which to capture said moments. This is not a photography blog people.
And now without further ado, I present to you the first of the first three photos in my forthcoming series:
I like to call this one "A Night to Forget".
This was taken around the corner from my home. In this photo, if you can't quite tell, is a broken green bottle, two broken egg shells, an empty pill pack, a bottle of pills, and a chicken bone with a spattering of crushed pastilles.
I can't tell if this was an amazing night of booze, drugs and debauchery or the remnants of some strange L.A. version of Santeria.
This next one I have dubbed, "The Nap".
Yes, this man is sleeping inside of a box on top of an abandoned couch out on the street corner. Perhaps this man is a result of the previous picture?
This picture was taken at around 10am while on my way to the local coffee shop. Rough night, I suppose.
The next photo is something you rarely see any place other than near the cross streets of Hollywood blvd and Highland in L.A..

This man was on his way up to the Walk of Fame. That famous area on Hollywood blvd where you can see all the stars on the sidewalk and the location of Mann's Chinese Theatre (the theatre with all the hand prints).
In this area exists "The Impersonators". These people dress up like various characters from various movies throughout the ages. There is consistently a Marilyn Monroe, a Charlie Chaplin, and in recent years a Jack Sparrow, among many others. These people are there to "entertain" tourist. They take photos with tourists in exchange for a small tip, normally a dollar or two. Now, there are two distinct types of impersonators, the fairly normal, clean looking folks who are just making their living doing what they do best and they do a pretty good job. Then, there are the obviously off their rocker, possibly homeless impersonators. Our friend in the above photo is of the later. His suit looked as though it doubled as a large blanket for those cold nights sleeping off the booze in the doorway of some office building. When Quinn and I caught up with him at the Walk of Fame, he had his Barney head on but he also still had on the old sweaty t-shirt over the suit, and was shouting about how he was the best Barney in all the world. o_O

Well ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, the beginning of my "Only in L.A." series.


  1. I too noted the wine bottle, chicken bones, etc. on the sidewalk the other day and thought it made quite a composition. In my head, I called it "The Hobo's Feast."

  2. I love your blog. I have added it to my blog link list on my own blog so that I can keep up with your entries. I think the "Only in LA" series is an awesome idea. I can't wait to read more!!