Friday, July 16, 2010

Wisco to Chicago to Miami

Hello again! There is a significant gap in postings but we're going to just move past that. Great!

Wisconsin was absolutely gorgeous and Quinn's family was incredibly nice to me. When we got there it was still kinda chilly and rainy and not so fun, but by the time we left it was hot and humid and absolutely everything was green and gorgeous.

While we were there one of our projects was to build Quinn's mom a couple raised beds for vegetable gardening. We had never done this before but we figured it out alright.

Well, Quinn figured it out. I helped with the fence design and shoveling dirt and handing over tools. There are a couple of things we would do differently but overall they seem to do the job superbly.
It's pretty amazing how much everything grew in just a month and a half!

Instead of just going straight from Wisconsin to Miami, we decided to fly via Chicago and hang out for a couple days. We stayed with friends who showed us a fantastic time and frankly, spoiled us rotten.

I encourage you to click the photo above to see the full image as well as numerous others on my Flickr page.
It turns out Chicago has some amazing restaurants (no really, AMAZING) and they're all into the local food movement trend which made the whole experience even better.

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