Saturday, May 15, 2010

Goodbye L.A., Hello WI!

bye neighbor

Aaannnd.... We’re gone!
I’ve sold off all my stuff except for that which meant more than money to me and said my goodbyes to Los Angeles. It’s really happening!

I had many good times in Los Angeles and a ton of personal growth. However, there is something I don’t like about L.A. that I can’t quite put my finger on. I think it may have something to do with the way I see people change after moving here. We all change, but I don’t want to change in the way that I see people change in L.A. so I think it’s best that I leave this city of angels behind me. I don’t know yet if I’ll miss Los Angeles, but I will look back on the memories fondly for the most part and I’ll always appreciate the lessons I learned there and the growth I went through.

Quinn, Lucy and I bored a plane on May 7th and rode it out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin!
Quinn’s parents live about an hour outside of Milwaukee which I consider to be the country, but apparently they do not. Tomato/tomato, I suppose!


I think if you combined all the grass that Lucy has ever seen in her entire life it would still fall short of all the grass she is seeing now. She’s quickly become obsessed with gophers and squirrels. I think she’s having trouble understanding how the gophers keep disappearing by the time she gets to them.

Spring in Wisconsin is not quite as warm as I would have hoped but it’s certainly pretty.




From now until July 1st we’ll be planning the details of the initial leg of our trip, emailing farms, finalizing this and that, etc. We’ve only been here a week but we’ve already got Mexico and Belize all figured out.

Hopefully I’ll have some other stuff to talk about in the next two months! Oh, small town livin’!


  1. Good luck pretty lady and lemme know if/when you and Quinn hot the windy city. I'm back.

  2. yay! it's starting!
    and, by the way, that dandelion picture absolutely took my breath away.