Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's been a while...

I'm back! And I have news and rants and musings galore to share with you so stick around kiddos!

Well, the new year is here and Quinn and I are starting to hunker down and make solid plans for our traveling adventures. If you don't know what I'm talking about refer to THIS POST.
We've decided that our first expedition will be starting in Mexico, going through Central America all the way down into South America. We're planning on being gone for one whole year, perhaps more if money allows.
We've got the maps and the travel guides. We're about to start vaccinations. We're beginning the process of selling all of our things.
We leave in the early half of July.
Our plan is to mostly do work trade on organic farms along the way ( We'd like to balance that with shorter stays in major cities. Approximately 2 to three months per country.

To begin, we'll be flying in to Cancun, Mexico. Now I know Cancun is tourist city (I've actually been) but rest easy, we won't be staying for more than one night and I'm sure we'll have plenty of fun wading hip deep through the sea of drunken douchey horny college co-eds. Wet t-shirt contest, anyone?Yippee!

From Cancun we'll head to Isla Mujeres and Cozumel where we'll rent mopeds, snorkel, sun bathe and bask in the glory that is a total lack of responsibility and freedom from obligation to anyone but each other. This is going to be us, except I'll have my own damn moped.

Oh my lord! The excitement makes me want to peel out of my own skin! Is it strange that it makes me want to have crazy monkey sex (on some isolated beach on the Yucatan)?
After a couple weeks of play we'll head back to Cancun where we'll hop a bus to Veracruz (or more specifically, Xalapa) where we'll begin our first stint at an organic farm. The farm we've chosen is pretty high up in the mountains which makes farming very interesting and a relatively different environment than one would expect when staying in Mexico.

We're not sure how long we'll stay at the farm, I'm thinking no more than one month since it's the beginning of our trip and we'll most likely be eager to keep moving, Belize being (most likely) the next destination.

Fuck! I'm so pumped!


  1. i'm super excited to live vicariously through you.
    and i can keep you updated on all the latest things at target.
    you're welcome.

  2. Hi Alexsandria - thanks for visiting and following my Ramblings!

    Your planned adventure sounds awesome - I'm feeling your excitement with you! I hope you blog along the way!!!

    I'm an adventurer at heart too - which is what brought me to Africa 13 years ago! (then I stayed!)... And what will take my hubby and I to the Caribbean next year to sail - hopefully around the world.

    Let's stay in blogger-touch! :)

    Holli in Ghana