Monday, October 5, 2009

Downtown Los Angeles

So I found a bunch of bathroom tiles that were never used for whatever reason, and I turned them into this:
Photo tiles! All photos by Me
This is a series of downtown L.A. to which few Angelenos venture and will soon be my new home.
A few years ago downtown LA was, for the most part, abandoned. And then the cool kids started moving in and inhabiting the loft spaces and starting up little cafes and art galleries.
As can be predicted, several development companies realized the surge of new life in downtown and bought up a bunch of abandoned early 1900s buildings (mostly bank buildings, office buildings and warehouses) and converted them into live/work spaces and then sold the individual lofts at ridiculous sums.
Now, we're all aware of the recent recession and the real estate crash. So all those lofts that were set to be sold are now being rented at very reasonable rates.
In Downtown's case, I believe this was kind of a good thing. It kept Downtown from becoming Manhattan very quickly and losing all it's young, artistic merits to the Yuppie Culture. It's still a bit dirty and still a little scary to walk around at night, but that makes it cheap enough to be inviting to all the young (or young at heart), starving artist types that made downtown unique and breathed life into it again. Photo by Me
To give you an idea of how very recent this redevelopment of downtown is, only two and a half years ago did Downtown get a real life grocery store.

I am so incredibly excited to be a part of the Downtown community!Photo by Me

Another reason why this move is monumental: Quinn and I will be moving in TOGETHER! Oh lord!
Thankfully our new 750sq. foot loft with four giant windows along the far wall (yeah, that's right), has a dishwasher, so that should cut down on a vast majority of possible areas of contention.
We move on the 15th, so you should know now that I may drop off the blogosphere that week. It's not because I don't love you.
Because I do.

You can see more downtown photos on my flickr

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  1. i am so so excited to live vicariously through you. all desire to live downtown evaporated when i got pregnant. but we still like to pretend sometimes we're the type to own some fabulous loft with a view.